Atins is one of the most amazing places on earth to kite surf. Winds regularly blow 20 to 30 knots every day from May to December. These are the best months but you’ll be able to kite in other months as well. During that time an 8 meter kite will be your best friend and you’ll be able to use it on most days.

With some waves at high tide, it becomes a dream at low tide when lagoons form between the sand banks that emerge. Downwind trips are frequent, arriving on desert beaches where a car or a fisherman can pick you up for reasonable costs.

Kite equipment can be stored at the beach upon demand to avoid the 10 minute walk to the spot with your gear. A little hut will protect you for the sun for now, but plans are under way to have a school on the beach very soon.

We can take care of your requests or you can contact our friends directly:


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